Fools Gold by The Traditional Fools


Fools Gold by The Traditional Fools


Condition: New

Label: In The Red Recordings ‎(ITR 284)

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album 

Country: US

Released: 2016

Genre: Rock

Style: Garage Rock, Punk, Surf

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The Traditional Fools were David Fox, Andrew Luttrell and Ty Segall. They splashed onto the underground music scene around 2006 with a no-frills, lo-fi, fun, sloppy brand of budget garage-surf-punk sadly absent from music at the time. The trio released one cassette, one full-length album, a single and then knocked it on the head. They occasionally still get together for the odd “reunion” show (they never technically broke up) but will only play suitable venues like Permanent Records in Eagle Rock or Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach. Fools Gold collects the tracks from their 7-inch single along with thirteen previously unreleased recordings that have been languishing in their garage for years. Taken together, this is a barn-burner for those who can appreciate trash rock at its finest—soaked in reverb, feedback and cheap beer. Cover versions of The Damned, Love, Redd Kross, The Mummies and Gary Glitter stand shoulder to shoulder with the band’s original jams.The Traditional Fools were a party band and this album is a rock ’n’ roll party.


A1 Milkman

A2 Layback

A3 Rock N Roll Baby

A4 Please

A5 Valley Of The Jams

A6 Street Surfin

A7 Stronger Than Dirt

A8 I Got My Baby

A9 River

B1 Surfin' With The Phantom

B2 Black Water

B3 Do You Wanna Touch Me??

B4 Fish

B5 My Flash On You

B6 Standing In Front Of Poseur

B7 Party At My House

B8 Rumble