Hound Dog Taylor's Hand ‎by Hound Dog Taylor's Hand


Hound Dog Taylor's Hand ‎by Hound Dog Taylor's Hand


Condition: New

Label: Abduction ‎(057)

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album 

Country: US

Released: 2016

Genre: Jazz, Rock

Style: Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic Rock

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Abduction Records present the first vinyl LP release of Hound Dog Taylor's Hand. The trio consists of Jeffery Taylor (Climax Golden Twins, AFCGT, Spider Trio) on electric guitar, Mark Ostrowski (Monktail, Wally Shoup Quartet) on drums and John Seman (Monktail, Ask The Ages) on contrabass. The music is a heavy dose of jazz, blues, and improvisation. Sharp and destructive yet cerebral and clever, these tracks finally expose one of Seattle's best-kept secret treasures to the world as the only way you could have heard them, before would have been at one of their extremely rare live shows in the Puget Sound area or from their locally produced cassette from a few years back. The second track on side one titled "Beatrice," features Climax Golden Twins and Beatrice Harrison. Edition of 500.


A1 Fake Accent 4:06

A2 Beatrice 5:32

A3 Sun Rock 4:56

A4 Relax, It's Okay 4:08

B1 Dog Bite Lad y1:43

B2 Freeway Park Waltz 4:55

B3 The Right Way 4:40

B4 Duwamish Song 5:54