Soundtrack To Space Is The Place by Sun Ra


Soundtrack To Space Is The Place by Sun Ra


Condition: New

Label: Sutro Park ‎(SP1004)

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Clear Vinyl 

Country: US

Released: 2015

Genre: Jazz

Style: Space-Age, Free Jazz

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This deluxe, double LP pressing of Space Is The Place (not to be confused with the 1973 album on Blue Thumb) contains the mythical soundtrack to the avant-garde film in its entirety. The sessions were recorded in San Francisco early in 1972 and feature some of Sun Ra's most uncompromising compositions filled with other-worldly chanting, film dialog, harsh noise, out-there synths and general all-around weirdness. Definitely an adventurous listen for the uninitiated, but a must for the Sun Ra aficionado.


A1 It's After The End Of The World 3:25

A2 Under Different Stars 3:55

A3 Discipline 33 3:22

A4 Watusa 7:11

B1 Calling Planet Earth 3:04

B2 I Am The Alter-Destiny 1:08

B3 Satellites Are Spinning 2:33

B4 Cosmic Forces 3:09

B5 Outer Spaceways Incorporated 3:00

B6 We Travel The Spaceways 2:28

B7 The Overseer 3:04

C1 Blackman / Love In Outer Space1 6:53

D1 Mysterious Crystal 5:53

D2 I Am The Brother Of The Wind 5:54

D3 We'll Wait For You 4:11

D4 Space Is The Place 4:23